Travel Tips

For your safety and for the protection of the beautiful natural and cultural resources of the Navajo Nation, there are a few tips that we would like to offer you while you are visiting the Navajo Nation.

On the Navajo Nation, you’ll find many vibrant, working communities. Please respect the privacy and customs of the residents and the integrity of the structures at all times.

  • Respect Navajo culture by leaving Navajo sacred sites undisturbed and using normal speaking tones rather than loud voices.
  • Please observe quiet hours from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. in all public areas.
  • The use of teepees on the Navajo Nation is strictly for religious purposes, please show respect to these people.

While traveling on the Navajo Nation, please obey all tribal laws and regulations.

  • Some areas are marked off limits, or you may be told that an area is off limits. If in doubt please ask.
  • Please stay on the designated trails and established routes unless accompanied by a tour guide. Rock climbing and off-trail hiking are prohibited. Off-road travel by all terrain vehicles, dune buggies, jeeps and motorcycles is prohibited on backcountry roads.
  • Animals, plants, rocks, and artifacts should be left undisturbed.Please help keep the Navajo land clean, by placing trash and debris in a trash container.Please keep in mind the use of alcoholic beverages and firearms are both strictly prohibited on the Navajo Nation.

Please be respectful when it comes to photography. Cameras are welcome only in certain areas of the Navajo Nation. Please secure permission before photographing, videotaping, sketching, or audiotape recording any event.

  • When taking a photo, please keep in mind a gratuity is greatly appreciated if resident is the subject of the photograph.
  • Special permits are required when photographing for commercial use.
  • Although pow-wows and dances are sometimes exhibited for the benefit of tourists and in public forums, please keep in mind that such occasions are of a religious nature, and should be accorded the same difference as a church or prayer service, even if tribal members behave informally.

Visitors are welcomed with open arms in Navajoland.

  • Please be unobtrusive when visiting a Navajo performance or event.
  • Please applaud only if it is apparent it is an acceptable custom.
  • Please understand some traditional ceremonies are not open to the public.

When you are on Navajo land, you’ll quickly notice how many people speak the Navajo language. However, English is also spoken by the vast majority of Navajos, so please communicate freely in English.

  • If you encounter a Navajo who does not speak English, you should find no problem finding someone eager to interpret.

The Navajo Nation has beautiful weather year round. Unlike Phoenix, Northern Arizona enjoys much cooler temperatures. During the summer months experience daytime temperatures of 80 degrees and nighttime lows in the 50’s. During the winter months experience daytime highs in the 40’s and nighttime lows in the teens. We would suggest bringing a light sweater or jacket with you at all times.

The average annual rainfall received is approximately 11-12 inches a year. Rain season takes place for the Navajo Nation during August, September, and October. Come and experience the beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and unique culture of the Navajo Nation!

MonthAverage High (ºF)Average Low (ºF)Average Precip. (Inches)
Jan. 44º 13.7º 0.93
Feb. 48.9º 18.6º 0.68
Mar. 55.4º 22.8º 0.92
April 64.2º 27.4º 0.41
May 73.3º 36.4º 0.67
June 84.4º 44.8º 0.51
July 87º 53.3º 1.72
Aug. 84.8º 52.5º 2.11
Sep. 78.7º 44.3º 1.04
Oct. 67.8º 30.1º 1.06
Nov. 54.3º 19.9º 1
Dec. 45.2º 13º 0.76

Navajo User Permits

Permits for Hiking, Camping and Backcountry Use:
Navajo Parks & Recreation Department
P.O. Box 1250 Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928-871-6647
Fax: 928-871-6637


Licenses for Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Boating:
Navajo Fish & Wildlife
P.O. Box 1480 Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928-871-6451 or 6452
Fax: 928-871-7069

Permits for Commercial Filming and Photography:
Navajo Nation Film Office
P.O. Box 2310 Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928-871-7826
Fax: None


Navajo Police
Window Rock, AZ 928-871-6111
Chinle, AZ 928-674-2111
Crownpoint, NM 505-786-2050
Kayenta, AZ 928-697-5600
Shiprock, NM 505-368-1350
Tuba City, AZ 928-283-3111

Navajo Rangers
Shiprock, NM 505-368-4522
Window Rock, AZ 928-871-6701
Chinle, AZ 928-674-2109
Sanders, AZ 928-688-2456
* After hours emergency 928-674-5523

Hospital/Medical Facilities
Chinle, AZ 928-674-7001
Crownpoint, NM 505-786-5291
Fort Defiance, AZ 928-729-5741
Gallup, NM 505-722-1000
Kayenta, AZ 928-697-3211
Shiprock, NM 505-368-6001
Tuba City, AZ 928-283-2501
Winslow, AZ 928-289-6100

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